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Meet the Total Wellness of NJ of
Lake Hopatcong Team

Office Manager & Patient Advocate

Lake Hopatcong Office Manager & Patient Advocate, Leah


Hello, my name is Leah. I am the Office Manager and Patient Advocate here at Family Chiropractic Center of Lake Hopatcong. Since I started in the beginning of 2005 I have found the most rewarding things about being a part of this great team is seeing the amazing transformations in our practice members.

I truly love being a part of the wellness revolution and seeing the next generation of children grow up happy, healthy and drug free!!! I enjoy sharing the knowledge that I have gained in hopes of empowering individuals and families to make healthy lifestyle changes.

I am very fortunate to work in such a great Team environment, and for such wonderful Doctors. Doctors that I have come to respect for many reasons, such as, an overwhelming dedication to the members that they serve, and a passion that has no limits or ending in sight.

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My whole family has been effected so positively with Chiropractic care. When I began getting adjusted I had already been suffering immensely with headaches, depression, stomach issues, hip and lower back pain, and frequent colds. My son also had so many health issues in his first year of life, such as a delay in turning his head, holding his head up, feeding troubles, chronic ear infections, and quite a few sicknesses. He had taken an abundance of antibiotics in his first year alone. If only I knew then what I know now! Now…Dominick is thrilled when he is the only child in his class that never misses a day of school!!!

My daughter however, after researching and educating myself, was born in such a calm and beautiful way. She was born via water birth. I gave birth with absolutely no use of medications and with no unwanted assistance from my wonderful midwife. My second pregnancy was amazing, and I owe most of it to being adjusted and my body being ready. My daughter is very fortunate, she began getting adjusted within 48 hours of entering the world. She is a wonderful little girl with no medical issues, and has only had a few short-term colds to date.

My beautiful and amazing children inspire me to not only be the best mother I can be, but also to be healthier and to make the best choices for myself, and for their future too!

I am so thankful for both of my families (personal and professional) and their high expectations of me. Every day I move towards the goal of achieving my total wellness, and in helping others achieve theirs.

I look forward to seeing you in our office!

Front Desk Manager & Patient Advocate

Lake Hopatcong Front Desk Manager & Patient Advocate, Amy


Hello!  My name is Amy Cieslik and I am the Front Desk Manager and Patient Advocate here at Family Chiropractic Center.  I am also the person who verifies your insurance and orders all of your nutritional supplements.

I am a graduate of The University of South Florida with a Bachelors in Speech Communications.  After being home with my 2 children I decided to it was time to get back in the workforce and joined Family Chiropractic Center in August of 2007.  My children, Michael and Justine and husband Mike have experienced an amazing and positive change to our health after becoming patients here at Family Chiropractic Center!

Being a part of Family Chiropractic Center has changed my personal energy and lifestyle choices for the best.  I have learned so many things while being here since 2007; I now know that the best course of correcting poor health is to find the root cause, as opposed to treating symptoms(with drugs and surgery).  I now understand that staying well through chiropractic care, nutrition and other healthy lifestyle choices is a lot more fun than getting sick and being miserable!  We are now a family that is drug and subluxation free!  Being a part of this team has taught me so many wonderful things that I can share with my family and friends and I am grateful for it each and every day!!

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