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Total Wellness of NJ Reviews

Hands holding heartWhat Our Patients Say

At Total Wellness of NJ we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural Total Wellness of NJ care. For more information, or to schedule an appointment contact us today.

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A common phrase that we hear in our office is “I wish I would have known that chiropractic could help with this sooner.” Oftentimes, people go to Google or Facebook in desperation looking for answers to their problems. Many of our patients find us on these platforms. We really appreciate you taking time to leave us a review to help others that may have the same problems that you came in with!

Great Hope

I found the whole staff very welcoming and professional and have great hope that I will be feeling better in time to come. Looking forward to a great experience. I would highly recommend Total Wellness of NJ to all my friends and family.

– Lisa A.

Lower Back Pain

I had severe lower back pain, the likes of which I had never experienced before. It was so debilitating that I was unable to walk. I thought that extensive therapy would be necessary, so I decided to schedule an appointment with Total Wellness of NJ to get in quickly for some relief. What I did not expect was that just one adjustment would make such a difference. It feels like a miracle! After my adjustment with Dr. Bret I could walk and felt 100% better! I cannot wait to continue coming in for adjustments to keep up with my health. A simple remedy is always better!

– Adrienne N.

Pre-Natal Care

I have been so pleased with my care at Total Wellness of NJ! I’ve been coming in during most of my pregnancy, initially when I was experiencing lower back pain early on. I am now in my 39th week without pain or discomfort and feeling fantastic with baby in an optimal position. I learned so much while working with them about the role Chiro can play in pregnancy, as well as for infants and children. I also had several massages with Gloria who has provided some wonderful prenatal massages and helped position the baby optimally and relieve pressure on my back. Highly recommend! I am so thankful I found Dr Bret, Dr Tami, and Gloria and so grateful for how they helped me feel so wonderful in my pregnancy and prepare for birth! Could not recommend them more!

– Megan W.

Optimum Health

My Doctor said they would decrease after childbirth. Well, two babies and 25 years later the intense menstrual cramps and nerve wracking PMS still practically disabled me every month in spite of prescription pain medication. Ah, but that was minor compared to the sinus infections and headaches which occurred at least once a month, including all summer. MDs prescribed stronger and stronger antibiotics, antihistamines, decongestants and sometimes steroids. Specialists wanted a cat scan to see if I needed surgery in my head- no thanks! Having 2 teeth helped only temporarily. Still worse then these two chronic conditions was the nagging neck and shoulder pain I suffered from every single day. My husband massaged me twice a week but that only gave me temporary relief.
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Searching for causes and cures, I steamed and iced my head, irrigated my nostrils, soaked in hot baths, slept on a heating pad, tried homeopathy, changed my pillow, changed my diet, exercised daily for one hour, lost fifty pounds, scoured my house for allergens, managed my stress and improves my posture, but nothing helped.

For fourteen years, I had been receiving regular chiropractic treatments, first every six weeks, then every four weeks. Usually I could feel my neck subluxate within one week after an adjustment and my pain and illness would return. To this complaint the “fee for service” chiropractor told me “…to come in more often…” With two preschoolers, no job, and no insurance coverage for chiropractic care, I could not afford to pay for more than one adjustment per month. (I was wasting money on medications for the symptoms.) There I was at the age of thirty eight in constant pain and debilitated at least one week out of each month between menstrual and sinus pain. I felt as if I was a sick, tired, old lady.

Prayer was my last resort. During a healing service at church, I asked Jesus to heal my neck. I knew he could do it although no lightning bolt came out of the sky that morning. That week I received a phone call from Dr. Hartman’s office. She was offering a free initial exam and adjustment. Right away I realized this was the answer to my prayer request.

Dr. Hartman’s gentle method provided immediate relief from my pain. Her UCAFF plan allows me to be treated as often as necessary. The caring staff explained everything to me step by step. For the first three months I was still suffering and needed to be adjusted twice a week. By the third I did not have a single sinus headache. One day I had a fever of 102 degrees; thirty minutes after my adjustment, my temperature went down to 100 degrees, and by the end of the day I was fine!! As for my menses, this month I not only had no cramps, but also no PMS. Now that I am in the fourth month of treatment, I can avoid neck and shoulder pain entirely by just having weekly adjustments.

I haven’t felt this terrific in years and I am not taking any medication. To everyone who desires optimum health, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Hartman and her staff. Now that I have got my health back, I am really enjoying my family and my life. Thanks to God and his angel, Dr. Tami Hartman!


Dear Dr. Tami:

I wanted to let you know that beginning chiropractic care in April 1999 has had a profound impact on my life, which was unexpected but very welcome. To put the impact into words may not do my experience justice, but I must try, as this is my testimony to you and to and to chiropractic as a lifestyle.
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As you know, I was prompted to begin chiropractic by my boyfriend who recognized symptoms that alerted him to my need for care. At thirty four years of age, I suffered from a bleeding ulcer for which I was practically living on Pepcid AC and other drugs (to “cure” me), chronic neck pain, and headaches that made me go through a bottle of Excedrin almost weekly. I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day (since I was 13) and lived with an occasional numbness in my arms and legs with subtle pain. I considered this normal for me and the daily stress I was under. I now recognize that is not the case and this is not normal.

It was a challenge to get me to come into see you, as working for an insurance company painted a different picture that what I now recognize as being true about chiropractic.

As I stand today, seven months after I first came to you, I no longer live the way I used to and can not thank you enough for that. My ulcer no longer bothers me, my headaches are almost nil, and when I have the misfortune of having one, I know to get adjusted, and by the time I get home, it is gone. I also no longer experience the numbness in either my arms or legs, and most of all, after 21 years and three unsuccessful attempts, I have quit smoking.

I feel as though I have a clearer vision in both my professional and personal life, and have become an overall more productive person.

“No one can predict to what heights you can soar, even you will not know until you spread your wings.”

You and chiropractic have helped me to spread my wings and I thank God every day, for my boyfriend who loved me enough to open my world to chiropractic, and for you being the gentle, caring, health-giving person that you are.

In Sincere Appreciation,
Rebecca S. Sherburne


I have been taking my son to Dr. Tami for about one year now. When we started, he was on asthma prevention medicine three times a day. Prior to that, each time we attempted to stop medication, difficulty in breathing resulted. After seeing Dr. Tami regularly, we were successful in eliminating the need to medicate for prevention totally.
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Previously, each time my son caught a cold, it would go right into his lungs; a severe asthma attack at best; pneumonia and a hospital stay at worst. Always, antibiotics were used. Since regular chiropractic care, we have not needed antibiotics, even though my son has had a cold. He did have some asthma, but it did not settle deep into his chest as it always had before. We take him in at the first sign of sickness and he always reports that breathing is easier after.

Chiropractic Works!


My daughter Camille was born on March 23, 1994. While in labor, her heartbeat dropped drastically and the doctor had to deliver her by cesarean section. When she was born, the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. She was just fine except for a large indentation on her neck. We brought Camille home on a Saturday and on the following Monday she had her first visit to the chiropractor; she was only five days old. Camille is my fifth child and the only one who has been to a chiropractor since birth. She is a very healthy child who has been on antibiotics only three times since she was born. My other children were sick at least once a month as small children. Camille is very happy and now if she should get sick we bring her to the chiropractor and she seems to get better without seeing her MD.
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Camille also developed asthma about two years ago. When she gets very sick I bring her to the chiropractor three times a week and she improves tremendously. She also loves going to the chiropractor and she will also tell me when she feels she needs to go. As I said before, she is a very happy and healthy child because of her chiropractor; I only wish I was educated sooner so my other children could have gone from birth. They all do go now and it does help them, they are also sick alot less often. Camille is very strong when it comes to fighting off viruses and infections, and I truly believe it is because her body is healthier because of chiropractic.

Jodi Giordano

Back Pain

An Open Letter to potential Chiropractic Care Patients

I am writing this letter to those of you who are considering chiropractic care. I have experienced chiropractic care and have benefited greatly from it.

Prior to becoming a patient of Dr. Tami Hartman, I suffered from tendonitis in my shoulders as well as general back and neck pain. Because of my condition, I had difficulty in doing every day activities. My pain affected my exercise routine, my work habits, and even playing with my children. I tried traditional medical treatments. I was given medications that left me feeling worse than before I sought treatment. I also tried physical therapy with no success.
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Eventually, I came to be a patient of Dr. Tami Hartman. Dr. Hartman used state of the art computer technology to assess my back problems. She also took the time to talk with me and educate me in the many ways chiropractic care can improve my health; without the use of medications.

Once I began a regular treatment, my overall health improved dramatically. I no longer have difficulty with any pain in my shoulders. I can exercise, work, and play with my children-all pain free. I feel more energetic and healthy now than I think I have ever felt before. I feel that I can directly attribute my wellness to the care that I received from Dr. Tami Hartman and I strongly recommend that anyone seeking chiropractic care to visit Dr. Hartman for education and care. You will not be disappointed.

Sgt. Joseph Johnson,
Jefferson Twp. Police Dept


Our Experience with Chiropractic Care

I had been a patient of Dr. Tami’s for close to 4 months when the doctor had just gotten back from one of her seminars. Boy, was she pumped up! Being a patient of the doctor, she knew that I had a 12 year old autistic son that had been having some very bad, aggressive behavior problems. I was very reluctant to bring him in because of these problems, but seeing how I had exhausted all other options, I agreed. I explained all of these behaviors to Dr. Tami, but she still wanted to work with him. I felt I could trust her, her ability and her knowledge, so we started treatments. He was cooperative so little by little we were able to work up to a full adjustment. The doctor was even able to get him to stand still for x-rays! This was all very new and scary for my son, be he trusted Dr. Tami so he did it.
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Then one day, soon after we had started treatments, his daily log book came home, and to my surprise, the book read-no behaviors today! Was this my son’s book? Yes, it had his name on it. Ok. One day, I just said silent prayer of thanks and hoped for the best. But then again, the very next day- no behaviors. Could this really be? I reported this to Dr. Tami and we were both very happy and I just kept hoping for the best. Well, as the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months, it seemed just the miracle I had been hoping for. But the real test was still to come.

Every so often, the ARC of Morris opens their St. Elizabeth’s center to the kids for a week of respite care when their regular schools are closed. The last time my son had been there, his behavior had been so bad that the director of the center had told me that unless his behavior improved, he would not be welcomed back to the center. Well this was to be the ultimate test. To my relief, my son was very well behaved. I was told how good he had been, cooperative and happy and he had a wonderful time. It was a very difficult obstacle to overcome, because, where as he was behaving well at school, being in an entirely setting with different people was something he had to adjust to quickly.

So needless to say, I have been very pleased with the changes in my son. Because his behavior has been exceptionally good, I now feel confident enough to take him to all different types of places, meeting all different types of people, and getting to experience all different kinds of events. I can even take him to the movies.

Of course, this is not to say I have a perfect 13 year old, but even he seems more confident in himself. He tries very hard to behave; he is very proud of himself when he gets well deserved praise.

And I am very proud of him as well. So needless to say, my family has benefited from chiropractic care.

Roxanne Horbatuck


Connor was born three weeks early after a very difficult pregnancy. He did not know how to suckle, didn’t sleep well, and cried most of the day and the night. When he did eat, half of it came back up less then fifteen minutes later. He was classified as having colic by his pediatrician. After almost two months of living with Connor being so unhappy and unhealthy, my sister convinced me to bring him to Dr. Tami. I was very skeptical because of the stories I had been told from medical doctors about chiropractic.
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After just two weeks of treatment, an incredible difference was apparent in Connor. He was sleeping much better, eating normally, smiling, laughing, and no longer having his nightly hour long screaming fits.

Connor has been a patient of Dr. Tami’s for 16 months now. He has two cousins around his age who are not under chiropractic care and they are significantly different, (health wise), than Connor. They have been sick more than three times each in their very young lives with what most people feel are normal childhood illnesses. Connor has never been sick. No ear infections, no croup, not even a severe fever. The only fevers Connor has had have been directly related to teething.

I attribute Connor’s amazing health, complete happiness, and overall well being to the fact that he has been raised in the chiropractic lifestyle. I have become informed and agree with the philosophy of chiropractic. Because of the proof I have in a beautiful, happy, healthy boy, that chiropractic works, I will continue to follow and try to educate as many people as I can to the benefits and advantages of the safer, healthier, drug free life of a chiropractic family.

Carrie Scholte

Job-Related Stress

Four years ago, job related stress from a physically demanding warehouse position prompted me to seek relief. Fortunately, a tele-marketing contact informed me that the kind of help I sought was possible through chiropractic care. After attending a new patient orientation, I was surprised to find that this kind of care was not only for those with back discomfort.
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Being better educated is the first step to understanding how chiropractic works. Throughout our lives, vertebral subluxations have impaired our body’s inborn ability to be healthy. The chiropractic approach to better health is to locate and help remove interferences to our natural state of being healthy. Regular chiropractic adjustments could prove beneficial in maintaining optimum body function.

In my own personal case, the physical trauma and emotional tensions were affecting myself from being relaxed. Thanks to a schedule of weekly adjustments I can honestly say that there has been much improvement in how I manage stress at work. The tension that was held specifically in my neck and shoulders has been eased. Not only that, but I have noticed something else. I have had less severe problems in the cold and flu season. I am continually in good over-all health and it seems that I have been able to stay away from any lingering sickness.

For anyone else who might be considering chiropractic care, I would simply say to give it time. Not many will see dramatic changes after only a few adjustments. For those who are physically active or have stressful jobs, chiropractic care is beneficial in making ourselves the very best. It is safe and an easy way to maintain optimum health.

I intend to continue receiving my weekly adjustments, because I have found that they work for me. Chiropractic care is drug free with good health as a side effect. I use it as my own preventative measure.

Mother of Four

Hi! My name is Kim and I am a mother of four children. My kids since day one have been going to a chiropractor. When I was pregnant with both my sons, I was told that they were breech. I was in my 35th week with one and the 31st week with the other. Mind you, I was getting adjusted three times a week. I told my chiropractor that my OB said I could be in for a C-section. Both times I had an adjustment to my lower back and hip area and both times I had a little discomfort in my belly not from the adjustment, but from the baby turning. I am happy to say that I had natural childbirth with both my boys. My family and I enjoy going to our chiropractor. We do not go because we are in pain, we go to keep our spine in line, and our energy on! Another good thing is when my kids get sick, it does not last that long; and they are not sick often. A lot more family’s should go to chiropractors, for pain , no pain, or other medical conditions; or the main reason to stay health! ! y!!!

Kim Kilcher

Wellness Care

“I can’t honestly say how many years I have been under Chiropractic care For me it is a way of life that my body needs.”

I worked as a school bus driver for many years and I guess from driving all the time it was really taking a toll on my spine. One of my fellow drivers suggested trying a chiropractor. I figured I had nothing to lose because my general doctor was just giving me anti-inflammatories and said that the pain would go away.
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I started going regularly and my spine and back stopped hurting. I also discovered that I was not getting sick and if I did get a cold, it did not hang on very long.

Your spine is a very important part of your body, and like a well oiled machine, if you maintain it, it will be good to you. For someone who wanted to go to a chiropractor and they were unsure, they should go to a seminar that they have at their office and sit and hear what they have to say. There is also a ton of literature that can be read on chiropractic and other related topics.

I am fifty years old now and I work in a warehouse lifting computer book cases and also drive a forklift in and out of tractor trailers. I feel great and I truly believe is it is because I get adjusted.

Claire Quinzer

Emotional Trauma

I reluctantly visited a Chiropractor six years ago when I could hardly walk. The problem resulted from an emotional trauma – The death of my mother. It took the good doctor months of therapy to straighten me out before I could go on a maintenance schedule. I really placed so much confidence in the doctor after that and then he retired.
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My next dilemma – where do I find another chiropractor because I will no longer go without one. The Sisters at Mt. Arlington came to this office and Dr. Tami was new here. We stated together and I have loved the experience.

I look forward to my monthly adjustments and to the security of knowing she will be available whenever I have some “special” problem.

Dr. Tami, I deeply appreciate your availability, concern, and joyful attitude. You make visits here a pleasant experience. There is always something new to read or some interesting activity taking place. The whole atmosphere aids in the healing process.. Keep up the good work and may God bless you with abundant graces and a successful career.

Love & Prayers,
Sister Mary Albertine Losiewicz

Foot Pain

Thank you Dr. Tami, for all the help you have given me this past year. I started coming to you last April complaining of foot pain; because of the irritating pain, a decent night’s sleep was only an illusive dream. But today, with chiropractic care, my restless leg syndrome is behind me. I continue to visit your office for other physical problems and feel optimistic you will have these under control before long, too.
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You recognized long before me that I have been suffering from depression and when my medical doctor said it was a a side effect of fibromyalgia, you encouraged me to stick with chiropractic care. I’m thankful for that advise because you have been trying to instill “positive” thinking” into my dail routine. While I am not always successful at keeping my negative thoughts in check, (nor have I developed the ability to let outside stress roll off my shoulders), chiropractic care is allowing my mind a chance to work at its best.

Because of chiropractic care, your patience, and your wonderful upbeat personality, I have a chance to be free of pain and to enjoy life on my terms. You are enabling me to be what I most want to be:


Thank you with all my heart,
Janice Michaux

Always Grateful

Dear Dr. Tami,

Christmas is a time to be thankful for the blessings that God has been generous enough to give us. Some of those blessings include the people God has place in our path as we journey through life. My family and I count you as one of those blessings. The touch of your hands, the gentleness of your smile and your sincere dedication to the health and welfare of your patients is something I will always be grateful for. My children are so much healthier since coming to you and to chiropractic care. Besides the physical wellness, you and chiropractic have helped me to teach my family how to be “in tune” with their health. Thank you Dr. Tami, and God Bless you always.

The Talleys

Feeling Good

Dear Dr. Tami,

I’m so happy you are my Chiropractor. I really feel good after you have worked on me. I believe in chiropractic care. Since I have been going to a chiropractor, I haven’t had Bronchitis. I used to get than often. I don’t even get colds. I feel going to a chiropractor has helped me. I’m so glad I have you to work on me. Thank you so much!

Beverly Lagonikos

Great Doctor

Although I’ve only seen Dr. Tami for a little over a year now, she has been a wonderful addition to the list of great chiropractors who I’ve been seeing since 1993, and who graduated from Life University. I can think of nothing better than an adjustment before work to get me ready for the work day. It makes me feel more alive and makes it easier to talk to people on the phone all day.

I wish everyone was as lucky as I am to have chiropractic in my life and know such a great person like Dr. Tami. The think the world would be a better place.

Hank Klausman

Professional and Helpful

To Dr. Tami,

A wonderful, dedicated professional and her gracious and helpful staff.

With all the turbulence and stress around us, thank you so much for helping us to keep our bodies healthy, and our spirits centered on the value of life. It’s a bonus when we share philosophy. You are always a bright spot in our day.

With love, your friends,
Valerie & Ed Morgan

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