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About Us

Multigeneration family outsideOur WHY

As family wellness chiropractors, our mission is to create a life-altering shift in our community-and ultimately, the world-by empowering families to stay healthy and strong for a lifetime! You see, it’s much easier to stay well than to get well, which is why we have such a strong commitment to pregnant moms and children. We love to start kids off right in life by helping them live in a way that is continually improving their health. In fact, protecting and improving children’s health is our number one passion!

What Drives Us to Excel as Family Wellness Chiropractors

As a society, we have been led to believe that health is somehow OUTSIDE of ourselves-that we were born lacking the ability to heal ourselves, and therefore, we NEED massive amounts of vaccines, drugs to suppress and mask our symptoms when we’re sick, and the removal of body parts if they are not functioning well (as if God gave us too many parts, to begin with).

Pregnancy is seen as a medical condition, moms‐to‐be are disempowered to give birth naturally, antidepressants and cholesterol drugs are given to children, school shootings are rampant (most of which have been caused by psychotropic drugs), and anxiety levels are sky-high in many children and adults.

Most of us were brought up to believe in and rely on mainstream medicine. While mainstream medicine absolutely has its place, the approach it takes is to view life through the lens of sickness and disease.

What if, instead, we were taught:

  • That God gave us everything we needed to heal from within?
  • That our bodies are fully equipped to fight off germs, viruses, and bacteria on their own because that’s what the immune and nervous systems do (as long as we take proper care of them)?
  • That the nervous system is the control center and the spine is the protector, and that if these systems are not taken care of, the function and vitality of that person will be suppressed?

Through mainstream medicine family wellness, chiropractors are taught to get different parts of our bodies, such as our hearts, lungs, eyes, and teeth, checked regularly. Why is it that we were never taught to get our spines and nervous systems checked by the chiropractor? Doesn’t it make sense that a chiropractic checkup to evaluate your nervous system would be the foundation for optimally supporting all other health systems?

Our Vision

We want to inspire you to see the value of a life well-lived from the INSIDE out and to truly come to be in awe of the miracle that you are; to respect and admire the wisdom that created you; and to KNOW that you have the power to heal yourself, as long as you consciously choose healthy beliefs and actions.

As parents, you can teach your children to do the same. You will be able to teach your kids that they are not victims. They do not have to wait for illness to strike, nor do they have to cross their fingers and hope for the best. We ultimately envision a world where families everywhere have taken back their power and actively follow a wellness lifestyle in a chiropractic model.

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